I Hate ReadingI Hate Reading

Author: Margaret Wagstaff
Illustrator: Joel Kingaby

Summary of the story

Seven year old Josh hates reading his readers and wants nothing to do with reading. His Mum makes an offer that all the family can stop reading and writing for the whole two weeks of the school holidays. Josh thinks it will be awesome, but as EVERYTHING goes wrong he soon discovers just how important reading is!

Purpose of the book

To help children understand the value of reading and the benefits to their everyday life. If they understand the value of reading they are more likely to try (and even want) to learn to read.

Illustrations from Book

Tin LabelsWhen Josh's family can't read the labels on the tins, Josh gets asparagus instead of corn :(

Tin LabelsWhen Josh discovers he has a party invitation, but can't read it, he's worried he'll miss it :(

Tin LabelsWhen Josh's family can't read the TV guide or the time Josh misses his favourite show :(

Who would enjoy / benefit from this book

This book would be ideal for any child aged between 5-10 years of age. If your child is a reluctant reader, hates reading or you just want your child to value reading then this is the book for you.

How to read this story

It is designed to be read by the parent (or teacher) so the child can enjoy the story and focus on the meaning of the story (rather than focusing on individual words). Some suggestions for reading this story to your children:

  • Find a nice comfy spot to read, where you are likely to not be disturbed
  • Point to the words as you read them
  • Read the story with expression
  • Discuss the pictures throughout the book
  • Talk to your child on how they would feel in Josh's place or situation?
  • For fun, locate the dog on each page
  • Most importantly, have fun with reading!

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