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Stu Drennan
14 October, 2013
I Hate Reading was such a great book to read with my two sons (6&7). Not only did we laugh at the way the little boy was caught up in his folly but it made us reflect on how important and fun it is to be able to read. As a parent however, what I really liked about the book was the style of relating between the parent and child. The mother demonstrated patience and wisdom by allowing her son to learn a valuable lesson using the consequences of his actions. Often the best lessons in life are the ones we learn the hard way.
Steve Kelly
28 September, 2013
Thanks Margaret Wagstaff for the book KURTIS loves it I've already read it twice since we got it at 1pm. Please guys if you have young kids buy it !!
5 September, 2013
I Hate Reading is a great book for children needing a little bit of incentive to become an enthusiastic reader. I'd recommend it for infants and school age children.
Cyndee Greenwood
3 September, 2013
My 8 year old daughter has struggled to learn to read from Kindergarten through to the beginning of Year 2. We even put her through a school Reading Recovery program to focus on trying to improve her reading skills to build her confidence and appreciation of books. Every night when it came to her sitting down to read her Home Readers, she would get bored and by the end of the story, had no idea what she had just read.

Recently, I purchased a copy of "I Hate Reading" by Margaret Wagstaff to see if I could provide her with a child perspective on the value of reading in everyday life. We sat down and read this book (looking at the pictures as we went) and discussing what Josh was experiencing each day that he was not reading. By the end of the book my daughter understood Josh's frustration and really understood why reading is important to be able to make decisions and do fun things. Thanks so much Margaret for showing her how to appreciate books!

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